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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Be Courage in Writing

we all as a human have a feeling on something, isn’t it? I think the answer is absolutely yes. We have an idea, or critics on something in our nation either. Especially, we are as a student required to be sensitive about anything happen in this earth and be ‘usefull’ for our surrounding. We can share our idea about the problem we found and its goes wrong. And also, if we have information that it’ll be helpfull for society you can share it. You can do it both by writing it, so all people will see your thought and the information they need. i recognized that for all people mostly don’t like writing in a blog or the others . So am i, personally i’m kind of people who always express my feeling, idea through by writing it in my laptop. But because i’m not confident enough to post it up into my social media (A.K.A Shame), i didn’t .Somehow, i think again i’m no longer a child who always watch the world getting worse through sitting in the passenger side so i decide to share it and hopefully it’ll be usefull for my surrounding. The point is if we have a thought, just share it. Don’t be shame, because you’ll never know the impact for someone.

Raziqa Fadhlan
(Cahaya Edukasi)

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